The Seven Stages of Money Maturity (2-day Training)

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Get to know 'The Seven Stages of Money Maturity', the famous theory of George Kinder about the role of money in our lives. Become aware of how convictions about money strongly influence your (advisory) behavior. Learn how money comes in service of man.

George Kinder’s Introduction to Financial Life Planning

The route to a meaningful private and business life is simple: believe in yourself, make a plan, do not deviate from it.

But still....

That is why Life Planners want to know exactly what your dream life looks like. Whether you are on track. Where the shoe pinches. Because that is where Life Planners add value. Translating wishes into logical goals, recognizing obstacles and tackling them, planning targeted actions. In every Life Plan, people are central, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial.

Learn with the help of the Seven Stages of Money Maturity® about the connection between money and meaning, wanting and being able. Discover the system of beliefs about financial matters and how these influence planning and results. Business and private. Practice and see how you can very easily offer and receive more returns with the help of the Financial Life Planning theory and practical methodology.

This training will be given by highly skilled Life Planning Trainers.


  • Insight into the emotions surrounding money and its effects on financial planning
  • Knowledge of the Seven Stages of Money Maturity®, the Life Planning philosophy
  • Basic knowledge of EVOKE®, the Life Planning advice method
  • Experiencing mindfulness as a practical tool within the advice process
  • Practical, modern and effective communication skills

Core themes

Life Planning provides the foundation and direction to the highest attainable level in financial advice: realizing what the client really wants.

This training is not a training in financial planning. We assume that the level of financial knowledge and skills is guaranteed by the consultant himself. Within this training we focus on practice-oriented study of The Seven Stages of Money Maturity. We work with various exercises around and from the proven EVOKE® advice method.

This training is ideal for professionals from the financial sector; advisers, management, management teams and employees of banks and insurance companies, accountants, asset managers, pension specialists, money and budget coaches.

And yes, consumers and (starting) entrepreneurs with a specific interest in the relationship between money and meaning, planning and goal achievement are also welcome.

Good to know

  • The minimum number of participants should be 10; if there are insufficient participants the training will be cancelled
  • The maximum number of participants is 17; after reaching this number we will close this application procedure
  • This training will be given online each day from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM AEST
  • The price includes materials. GTS will not be applicable.
  • The Participants need to be in a quiet room with a computer that has enough bandwidth to allow for stable Video-conferencing.
  • If cancelled by the client more than 7 and less than 14 days in advance, 70% of the total investment will be due
  • 100% is due on cancellation by the client within 7 days in advance; someone else may always come instead of you

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