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The LIFE PLANNING Mentorship is a six-month program after the 5-day training, in which you are assisted in practice. This mentorship wil enable you to independently practice life planning according to the method of George Kinder.

George Kinder’s Financial Life Planning Mentorship (6 months)

The route to a meaningful private and business life is simple: believe in yourself, make a plan, do not deviate from it.

But still....

That is why Life Planners want to know exactly what your dream life looks like. Whether you are on track. Where the shoe pinches. Because that is where Life Planners add value. Translating wishes into logical goals, recognizing obstacles and tackling them, planning targeted actions. In every Life Plan, people are central, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial.

Learn by doing how to use the learned EVOKE® techniques to establish the ultimate client-oriented advice. Make the difference by discussing actual client contacts with fellow professionals. Receive personal guidance for 6 months to put everything in the field of Life Planning into practice effectively and experience great pleasure when doing this.

Trainers Louis Vollebregt RLP® en Anita Vollebregt RLP®

Trainers Louis Vollebregt RLP® and Anita Vollebregt RLP®


  • Deepening the insight into the emotions surrounding money and its effects on financial planning
  • Developing self-confidence to effectively apply EVOKE®
  • Coaching on the personal development to be authentic in the contact with the client
  • Deepening your knowledge, in particular of EVOKE®, the Life Planning advice methodology
  • Developing mindfulness as a practical tool within the advice process

Core themes

The Life Planning Mentorship is the final piece of training to become a Registered Life Planner® and get your entry in the international Register of Life Planners®.

The mentorship runs for 6 months and consists of:

  • Personal guidance in the application of Life Planning with clients
  • Access to the Life Planners Forum, where you can discuss your client cases
  • Various virtual training sessions where you can practice the techniques
  • Virtual group discussions about the practical application of EVOKE®
  • Personal coaching focused on personal development
  • Always someone available to answer all your life planning questions

This training is ideal for professionals from the financial sector; advisors, management, management teams and employees of banks and insurance companies, accountants, asset managers, pension specialists, money and budget coaches who have followed the EVOKE® training.

Good to know

  • The price includes materials and lunch, but excludes bar consumptions and VAT/GST (if due)
  • If canceled more than 14 and less than 28 days in advance, 70% of the total investment will be due
  • 100% is due on cancellation within 14 days in advance; someone else may always come instead of you

If you register several people at once, please state the personal details of all participants in the 'remarks' field when reserving your places.

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