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Are you a financial advisor or financial planner and are you looking for methods to make your service even more valuable to your clients? Then you have come to the right place. Life Planning, according to the method of George Kinder, is a system for the ultimate customer-oriented service. On this website you will find more information about our training courses. By following these courses you can become a 'Registered Life Planner (RLP®)' (international designation) and improve yourself.

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  • Free Webinar 'Ultimate client-oriented advice'
    Free Webinar 'Ultimate client-oriented advice'

    Not yet available at present

    Would you like to become acquainted with this ultimate method to put your clients first? In this free webinar, you get to learn in a nutshell what life planning is and how life planning can be…

  • The Seven Stages of Money Maturity (2-day Training)
    The Seven Stages of Money Maturity (2-day Training)

    Get to know 'The Seven Stages of Money Maturity', the famous theory of George Kinder about the role of money in our lives. Become aware of how convictions about money strongly influence your (advisory) behavior. Learn how money…

  • Early bird discount until July 21th 2022


    Learn with the help of the EVOKE® Advisory Method how you, in cooperation with your clients, can realize what really matters to them. How you guide that process easily, thoughtfully and impactfully. How you generate a future for…

    $6,075.00 $5,575.00
  • LIFE PLANNING Mentorship
    LIFE PLANNING Mentorship

    Not yet available at present

    The LIFE PLANNING Mentorship is a six-month program after the 5-day training, in which you are assisted in practice. This mentorship wil enable you to independently practice life planning according to…

  • LIFE PLANNING The Complete Training to RLP®
    LIFE PLANNING The Complete Training to RLP®

    Not yet available at present

    Every part of the LIFE PLANNING training course can be followed separately. Applying for the full program however offers several advantages. A place in the next training will be reserved in any case…


    Not yet available at present

    The LIFE PLANNING Mastery program is intended for Registered Life Planners (RLP®) who want to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date and who want to deepen. This day training is given several…

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